AHIL Plastika

Company for Design, Development and Manufacturing of Injected Plastic Parts

We are a private family company specialized for production and assembly of functional and visual demanding components for automotive and cosmetic industry.

Our Production


Production is performing on more than 15 injection molding machines, alltogether there are located also needed devices for material preparation, metal parts insertion (robots), process control, products finalisation and smaller tool maintenance.

AHIL Plastika d.o.o.,  Production facility, Gorenjska cesta 11, 1234 Mengeš

Number -  Machine Type  -  Basic Technical Data


1 pc. ENGEL ES 600/145 ST  Clamping force: 1450 kN
2 pcs. ENGEL V 650/120 pow ERC23F with robot Clamping force: 1200 kN
2 pcs. ENGEL ES 330/110 HLS with 5 axes servo robot Clamping force: 1100 kN
2 pcs. ENGEL ES 100/45 HL Clamping force: 450 kN
1 pc. ENGEL ES 80V/80VT HL-TR - VERTICAL Clamping force: 800 kN
1 pc. Dr. BOY 55 A Clamping force: 550 kN
2 pcs. 2 Dr. BOY 35 M in Dr. BOY 30A and T2 Clamping force: 300 - 350 kN
4 pcs. Dr. BOY 22 dip Clamping force: 220 kN


Update and purchase of new machines and additional equipment will follow needs, depends on existing and new businesses. 





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