AHIL Plastika

Company for Design, Development and Manufacturing of Injected Plastic Parts

We are a private family company specialized for production and assembly of functional and visual demanding components for automotive and cosmetic industry.

Our Partners


External services where AHIL Plastika d.o.o. can not cover acitivities byself, we work with external companies and services:

Construction, tool making and demanding tool maintenance: INCO Ljubljana, Toporš Kranj

Measuring equipment calibration and performing of plastic material analysis: FAGG Ljubljana, LOTRIČ Kranj, Faculty for mechanical engineering Ljubljana

Chemical analysis of material - LOTRIČ Kranj


Suppliers of plastic granulates: BASF, TICONA, LANXES BAYER, DuPONT, BOREALIS TERA d.o.o. Tolmin, SITRAS d.o.o. Maribor, FIST d.o.o. Ljubljana, BIESTERFELD INTEROWA Dunaj, RESINEX d.o.o. Logatec, BMEX d.o.o. Celje

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